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  1. To reserve advertising space and display your business cards, you must first create your Financing180 account using the "Join" menu option located on the right top corner of this page. After having entered your email address and chosen a password, a confirmation email will be sent to you instantly.
  2. You will have to confirm the creation of your account by clicking the link “Validate my account” in the confirmation email message.
  3. You will have to click on the option “Connect” that is located in the right top corner of this website then log in to your new account using your user name (email address) and password.
  4. To publish your ad, you must follow the 3 steps presented on the Home page to select a building category and a service location. (Step 1 and 2 from the Home page) Then, in step 3, select an available advertising space that suits your needs to buy this space. These available spaces are identified as follows: You are a lender? This space is available for you. Advertise here! You will be able to buy the space using the "Buy this space" button.
  5. You can then choose the package that suits you among those proposed.
  6. After selecting the desired package, please check your selection of building category, point of service and package. Once your selection verified, you can then complete the payment form including information on the billing address.
  7. Fill then the payment using your credit card or your PayPal account (the 2 types of payments are made by clicking on the Paypal button). Note that if you choose the monthly recurring payment method, you will inevitably need a PayPal account.
  8. Once the payment in PayPal, you will be redirected to the new website and must click on the button "I Agree" to complete the transaction.
  9. Your invoice will be produced and will be sent by email. You can also view and print it from your Client Account on the website Financing180.com
  10. The last step is to add one or more business cards to your advertising space by clicking the button "Add a new business card." If you specify multiple cards, they will be shown alternatively in the location space you purchased.

If you want to advertise in several locations, simply repeat steps 4-10 to select the desired display categories and points of service or contact us and we will assist you in this process.

Through the "My Advertiser Space" section, you will be able to manage your ads and business cards as well as view your invoices. You will also be able to change the settings of your account in the "My Account" section.

Sixty (60) days before the end of your ad package, you will receive by email a renewal notice specifying the new price (if there was a change during the year). If your renewal is not completed within 30 days before the expiration of your package, your ad locations will be released and made available for other advertisers.

* Maximum of 2 advertising spaces per building category and service location.

AD Reservation

LENDERS, GET more CUSTOMERS by booking advertising space on the website Lending 180

We have a large network of people related to real estate and our knowledge of the real estate market in Quebec is an asset for you.

The real estate market in Québec

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Residential Sector

  • 1.3 million are owners (according to Statistics Canada. 61% are home owners. 2.2 million households X 61%)
  • 351 billion in property value (average price $ 270,000 in 2013)
  • 176 000 000 000, if 50% funded
  • 12 000 real estate brokers
Img bloc1 3e3968a1f10d79337ba7655b6eb1ec7c270fcc1d0b60c14404b258be5ec3c1b3

Income and Commercial buildings

  • 50 000 owners, according to DPA and CORPIQ
  • 685 000 apartments by CMHC (Average of 14 units per building)
  • 59 BILLION in value (according to BlocDirect in 2013, the average selling price in Quebec was $ 86,678 per unit)
  • 29 BILLION in mortgage, if 50% funded
  • ± 12 000 realtors

Get in touch directly with more potential clients who need your funding. Whether for a PURCHASE - MORTGAGE MATURITY - REFINANCING.


Advertise in one of our advertising locations while there is still time.
For clarity on our website, we offer only 12 ad slots per service point (region or city).

Autonomy of your ads
via My Advertiser Space

  • Manage by yourself your ads and business cards ;
  • Make payments and renewals ;
  • Check your payments and invoices online ;
  • And more!

BlocDirect also helps you find clients

BlocDirect inc. is Financing180.com holder and is in daily contact with over 5000 income property owners and buyers who have recurrent financing requirements.

Some data about BlocDirect

(for the province of Quebec in late 2014)

  • Real estate agency specialised in income properties for over 25 years.
 $ 453 MILLION sold, by value of today ;
  • More than 5 000 members who have access to the whole market income properties in Quebec. They have access to detailed information, conduct research using their own criteria and can also sort and print detailed files, etc. ;
  • Advertisements in the APQ and CORPIQ newspaper. These are the only two owners associations in Quebec. EACH MEMBER ± 15,000 ;
  • Advertisements on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn), GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, LESPACS, KIJIJI, newspapers, real estate magazines, etc.

Web site www.blocdirect.com :

  • 2 000 000 million page views per year blocdirect.com ;
  • 45 000 unique visitors per year ;
  • 110 000 visits per year ;
  • Over 5 000 emails sent daily to members: including novelties of the day to be the leader in real-time information ;
  • E-mail Service « FOLLOW THE VALUE OF YOUR BUILDING » transmits every quarter the benchmarking buildings reports to subscribers.